What is the Best Time of Day to Go Bass Fishing?

Why do some people have more success with bass fishing than other people? What are they doing that others don’t?

What is the Best Time of Day to Go Bass Fishing?

They might know the best time to go bass fishing, and you might go the wrong time. The moment that you are going bass fishing and know when to fish and when not to, you will find it a lot easier to be successful with catching fish.

This is everything you’ll need to know about the time of day that is right for bass fishing.

Why is it important to know the best time for bass fishing?

Fish isn’t eating all the time. And, if they aren’t eating, you will not be able to catch them with bass fishing. And, this is the main reason why so many people aren’t successful with bass fishing.

When fish aren’t eating or looking for food, they are lying at the bottom of the river or ocean. Sleeping and resting. Not interested in food. No matter what might be your bait, they will not bite.

Early morning

In the early morning, just after sunrise, it is the best time to start bass fishing. This is the time when fish is starting to eat, and the time that they are active.

The light conditions are still low, and the fish is still feeling safe and secure in the darkness. However,  you need to remember that the weather conditions should be perfect as well.

Late afternoon

During late afternoon just after sunset. This is when the fish is getting active again, starting to look for food again. It is again the light conditions that are low, which is making the fish active.

You will see that this is the time when you can see that the river is coming to life. Fish is jumping and enjoying the river. And, this is the best part of the day for you to start fishing again. You should just make sure that you are using the right bait.


This is the best possible time for bass fishing. However, this is the time when we want to relax and enjoy our friends and family. Fish are at their most active during the night.

Especially, during the summertime when the river water is still warm. If you are serious about bass fishing, then you need to make sure that you are fishing at night as well.

When you’re bass fishing near the beach

When you are bass fishing near the beach, or on the ocean, you need to look at other things in order for you to catch as many fish as possible.

At the beach, you need to look at the tide. During tidal shifts, fish are the most active and they are swimming in bigger schools. Making it easier and better to catch some big fish with bass fishing.

Check the weather before you are going bass fishing

Bass Fishing in Winter

If you think that you will be just as successful with bass fishing during the winter as during summer, then you are in for a huge surprise. The weather needs to be perfect if you want to be successful with bass fishing.

Cold, windy and wintertime, you will find it a lot harder to catch fish. Fish don’t like coming to the surface if it is cold. They are staying at the bottom of the sea or river, where it is the warmest. And, they won’t be looking for food.

If you know the time of day for bass fishing, you will be a lot more successful with it. The problem is that many people are planning their bass fishing trip ahead of time, and they don’t look at the weather conditions and don’t know what time is best for bass fishing. With this guide, you will have a much better idea about when you will be more successful with bass fishing.

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